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Not to be a Victim of SCAM – SCB Warns General Public


IGFPAK Calls proposals for Workshop at APrIGF 2014

IGFPAK invite proposals and recommendations to conduct Workshop at APrIGF 2014, New Delhi, India.

IGF Pakistan has received suggestion from active members to avail the opportunity to conduct its workshop or meeting at APrIGF 2014 which is being held in new Delhi, India from 3-6 August 2014.

Contents and the topic of the proposed meeting or workshop should be based on the themes of APrIGF 2014.

Some of the members has proposed to conduct the workshop on the same title “Governance for the Internet of Kids, Teenagers and Youngsters” consistent to the previous workshop held at APrIGF 2013 @ Seoul on 6th Sep, 2013. In order to implement the agenda of the Civilized Internet for our next generation, the innocent minds, is dependent to the establishment of global consortium. It is being suggested us to extend the call for the global cooperation in the region and deliver the same theme at APrIGF 2014. So, if you like this idea, please write us.

Please arrange to send your proposals to (info at IGFPak dot org) as early as 3rd April 2014 to finalize and submit to the APrIGF Secretariat and to meet their final deadline for submission is 9th April 2014 (Wed).

Send your workshop proposals of not more than 500 words with the below format to (info at

  • Title of the Workshop
  • Thematic area of interest
  • Specific Issues of Discussions & Description
  • Expected format and Target panel members
  • Full name, affiliation and contact details of the workshop organizer

Governance for the Internet of Kids, Teenagers & Youngsters

IGFPAK Workshop with the Title of “Governance for the Internet of Kids, Teenagers and Youngsters“, Aligned with the APrIGF Proposed ThemeSecure, Convenient, Vibrant, Equivalent, and Desirable Internet” is successfully conducted during APrIGF 2013 Conference at SUNY, Seoul, South Korea on 6th September 2013.

Governance-for-the-Internet-of-Kids-Teenagers and Youngsters

Information about IGFPAK Workshop is available on following links:

APrIGF Website References:
Workshop Agenda/ Plan:
Workshop Archive information: locate under Security Track
Workshop Video:
Transcript:            Governance for the Internet of Kids, Teenagers and Youngsters
Slides:                  Imran Ahmad ShahMinsik Choi.

Summary:             Governance for the Internet of Kids, Teenagers and Youngsters



Summary/ Abstract of the Presentation of IGFPAK Representative (Imran Ahmed Shah)

Foundation of Internet for The Innocent Minds & Next Generation (by Imran Ahmad Shah):
Being the organizer, Imran was the first speaker of the workshop. He said that he believes about the purpose of 2013-APrIGF proposed theme was to invite Enhanced Cooperation among Internet Users Constituencies and all stakeholders to ensure that the standardization of code of ethics ‘بنیادی ضابطہ اخلاق’ is properly implemented according to the fundamental needs of the Internet Communities. If there is a gap founded in the policies and reported or suggested at local or national level, should be highlighted at global level to engage global policy development institutions. He invited extending focus of global organizations for a common dialogue understanding the regional needs of good governance towards a Secure, Convenient, Vibrant, Equivalent and Desirable Internet. Emphasizing on the need of the time to evaluate the current Internet System, contents and users, he said that “we should know that what kind of contents we have, what kind of safety & protection we are providing to our users and what kind of Internet we are handing over to Our Next Generation, to THE INNOCENT MINDS”. He asked Internet Users Constituencies and all other stakeholders for their cooperation in the establishment of fundamental code of ethics for a good, clean healthy and useful Internet that should be secure and accessible for everyone living anywhere in the world and without any fear or any threat to the end users. He described it as the fundamental need for peaceful and healthy atmosphere of the Internet Sphere.

He discussed about the awareness and mechanism of Online Security & Safety, Privacy & Human Rights for protection of users and definition about the safe and clean contents identification and delivery to the age base Internet users groups and constituencies. He also highlighted the obligations for Source Provides for abuse Internet Contents (such as pornography, hacking and phishing) and need for the global legislation against them. He asked to unite all global organizations who are working on the same theme for the safety & protection of kids from Online Threats, on a single platform to share their experience and deliver it to the Internet Communities jointly and globally.

He also shown support for the innovative ideas like dotKID(S), or dotBaby, Internet Address for each newborn baby, Separate Internet Devices, Browsers, search engine databases, Web/Mobile Apps for the age-base users like Kids, Teenagers and Youngsters.

He strongly recommended the development of a certified white-list for the categorization & classification of Networks, Utilities, Web-Apps, Cloud Hosting Services, Websites & Contents (either that are related to text, audio or video base contents or contents delivery). One of the mechanisms he elaborated was the contents rating system through meta tags. He invited global cooperation to support one of his forthcoming request to the IETF to release a new RFC for standardization & compulsory identification of Internet Contents & Utilities.

Some important speakers like Dr Wang Shengkai (CNNIC, China, Remote Participation) could not join the workshop due to technical problems with the Sympodium and Remote Participation application.

Due to time constraint, few participants could not share their views or ask the questions.

Foundation of a Civilized Internet:
He set forth the Foundation of a Civilized Internet for The Innocent Minds, for our Next Generation. He also elaborated a wish list in detail for this Secure, Convenient, Vibrant, Equivalent and Desirable Internet. At the end of his presentation, he said that Civilized Internet is only possible with the Global engagement and sharing social responsibilities, whereas the Secure and Safe Database of Contents and Utilities are only possible by a unique global certification association and trustworthy authority to serve in local communities according to their national bylaws for the benefit of a common user. He again invited Users & Business Constituencies and all stakeholders to join their hands together with him for enhanced cooperation for the formation of a global consortium as a trustworthy council for the practical implementation of this Civilized Internet. During bilateral discussion in the workshop other important presenters were YJ Park (SUNY Korea, Korea), Minsik Choi (Ph.D) KINTERNET, Yuliya Morenets (TaC-Together against Cybercrime International Executive Director, EU/France, Remote Participation) and Ms Yannis Li (dotKIDS Foundation) who also elaborated their experience and comments. Minsik Choi (Ph.D) KINTERNET Explained that how they already have developed, implemented a mechanism and related legislations to support the Governance for the Internet of Teenagers and Youngsters.

Conclusion & Further Comments:
Multi-stakeholders should cooperate for the formation of a global consortium as a trustworthy council for the practical implementation of this Civilized Internet which has become the fundamental need for peaceful and healthy atmosphere of the Internet Sphere.

Governance for the Internet of Kids, Teenagers and Youngsters

A common title for the workshop is finalized.

IGFPAK Workshop Title:
Governance for the Internet of Kids, Teenagers and Youngsters

Aligned with the APrIGF Proposed Theme :
Secure, Convenient, Vibrant, Equivalent, and Desirable Internet

The purpose of AP regional IGF proposed theme of is to invite enhanced cooperation of, Users, Business Constituencies and Stakeholders to ensure the standardization of code of ethics ‘ضابطہ اخلاق’ and Internet Communities commitment of good governance towards:
Secure, Convenient, Vibrant, Equivalent and Desirable Internet.

Through the proposed workshop, we invite extending focus of Internet Communities for the governance of the Internet sphere forOur Next GenerationTHE INNOCENT MINDS’.

Important Links:

APrIGF Website:

IGFPAK Workshop:

Thematic Area of Interest:
1. Security: Online Safety/ Protection & Legislation for Kids, Teenagers and Youngsters Internet.

2. Legislation: Privacy & Human Rights and Obligations for Kids, Teenagers and Youngsters

3. Innovation: Creative Ideas to be supported like new IDN gTLDs e.g dotKID(S), or dotBaby

4. Recognition: Invites stakeholders to represent collective or individual efforts, acknowledge their initiatives, and develop central repository highlighting achievements.

5. Desirable Internet:  It is time for the foundation of a Civilized Internet.
Similar to Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), (who prepare a list of Adult Contents that has to be blocked by ISPs by default), it is strongly recommended to develop a white-list through some automatic mechanism/procedure for the categorization/classification of Networks, Utilities, Cloud Hosting Service, Websites & Contents. We have to identify what is right, what is safe for our innocent minds: Kids, Teenagers and Youngsters.
Wish List: Wish list of civilized Internet includes:

  • Certified of Databases Web Contents, Pages and Websites
  • Common Search Engines
  • Promote Informative & Educational Materials
  • The development of Multi O/S Internet Browsers
  • Free & Easy Internet Access (on Internet enabled Kids Devices) at their home and Schools
  • Email Systems (e.g.
  • Safe and Vibrant Social Networking Websites
  • Multilogue Platform for Governance of ‘Internet for Kids, Teenagers and Youngsters
  • Engaging Children’s Guardians & Teachers for Dialogue on Code of Conduct
  • Advocacy for Legislation: National and International Anti-Cybercrime-Law is required for the protection of innocent minds of our next generation.

6.    Enhanced Cooperation for Standardization of Code of Ethics:

  • Desirable Internet for Kids, Teenagers and Youngsters
  • Development of Secure and Safe Database of Contents and Utilities.
  • We invite Users/Business Constituencies and all stakeholders, Let Us join our hands together for the formation of a global consortium and form a Secure, ConvenientVibrant,Equivalent, and Desirable ‘Internet for Kids, Teenagers and Youngsters


LACNIC 19, Medellin, Colombia: 5 – 10 May 2013
Lacnic 19 will be held in the city of Medellin, Colombia from 5 to 10 May, 2013 at the Hotel Intercontinental Medellin. The meeting will be hosted by INTERNEXA. As usual, the Lacnic event will be held alongside the annual meeting of LACTLD, the Association of Latin American and Caribbean ccTLDs. (

The theme of the event (“Technologies and Governance for a Secure and Open Internet”) will emphasize two highly sensitive issues. On one hand, it will incorporate topics and discussions where the concepts of “openness” and “security” can go hand in hand, not in opposition directions. On the other, it will focus on the notions of “technology” and “governance”, two inseparable aspects in the construction and development of the Internet.

Lacnic 19 will feature prominent regional and international speakers who will be in charge of keynote presentations and discussion panels on Internet governance, IPv6 in mobile and broadband services, and security.

The week-long program also includes various activities ranging from technical training workshops on new technologies, security, and the promotion of IPv6 adoption, to open technical forums such as the Public Policy Forum and the Security, Interconnection, FLIP 6 and LACNOG Forums.

The event will also include the Lacnic Annual Member Assembly, the Government Working Group meeting, and the Annual Assembly and workshops of the region’s ccTLD association, LACTLD.

LACNIC 19 Financial Assistance Program

Lacnic announces the opening of the application period for financial assistance to participate in Lacnic 19 until March 15th. To apply for the scholarship you must first register as a user on the “Lacnic Events System”, then complete your scholarship application.

Please, read the instructions on Lacnic 19 Financial Assistance Program at:


SECP-PublicWarningState Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) warned the general public not to be misled by fraudulent activities / schemes of deposits, loans, investments etc. launched by certain companies / non- corporate entities / individuals through advertisements (print and electronic media), agents, brochures, websites, emails and hoardings etc.

Internship vacancies (Geneva)

The International Service for Human Rights (ISHR) 2012 offers full-time and part-time internships from 3-6 months to work with their “Finance Team” to work on various financial projects in line with the activities of the organization. The intern will provide assistance to the finance officers and carry out some tasks such as follow-up on the budgets, track the funding, expenditures and balances, update monthly reports, prepare monthly payments, ensure regular bookkeeping and manage petty cash. The intern substantively contributes to the implementation of new procedures related to finance and analytical accountability.

To be considered, applicants should:
• Have a background in finance and administration
• Have a good command of Word, Excel, and accountability software would be an asset
• Be fluent in English and fluency in French is desirable
• be able to multi-task and work under pressure to meet tight deadlines
• be flexible and willing to carry out the less interesting tasks (bookkeeping, bill paying)
• be motivated to work in a multi-cultural environment

Currently accepting applications to start May-June 2012.

Applications will be sent to ISHR at following address:
Internship Coordinator,
International Service for Human Rights
Rue de Varembé 1, P.O. Box 16,
CH-1211 Geneva 20 CIC

If you are interested, please contact by 10th June 2012 through info( at ), so the IGFPAK will sent recommendation letter to ISHR by 16th June 2012.

Open Consultations Meeting

IGF’s Open Consultations and IGF’s MAG Meeting is being held from 14-16 February 2012 at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland for the next Annual IGF meeting.

These consultations will also be taking stock of the Nairobi meeting.
They will be held in Room XVIII on14 February and the MAG meeting in Room XXIV on 15-16 February.

The MAG meeting will be open to observers. Meeting times are 10.00 – 13.00, 15.00 – 18.00 hrs.

Draft Agenda for the Open Consultations
•Draft Agenda for MAG meeting
Received contributions for the February Consultations.
Synthesis paper for the February consultations

Remote participation:
The Open Consultations will be webcast and realtime transcription will be available online:

•Realtime transcription links:
•14 February morning session
•14 February afternoon session

•Webcast link:

Note: Remote participants can also e-mail their questions or interventions to : febmeeting(at)
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please remember to state your full name and organization in the e-mail.

Call for Nominations – IGF’s MAG

Call for Nominations for IGF’s Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) Renewal – Open Letter

Under-Secretary-General Sha Zukang’s message on the renewal of the MAG.

[NEW] Due to stakeholder requests for additional time to finalize nominations the deadline has been extended until 24 February 2012.

29th Jan 2011:
IGFPAK has sent Nomination to contribute in IGF Activities through MAG.

Remote Participation @ IGF 2011

IGF 2011 Meeting can be attended remotely.
Following options are available:

Remote Participation (Individuals):
The links will be updated by 27th Sep 2011 at:

In order to convert Nairobi local time into your time zone:

Remote Hubs (Individuals/Groups):
Three remote hubs arranged for the IGF 2011 Nairobi Meeting.

Remote Hub @ UET: Pakistan/Lahore
(University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore)

Remote Hub @ NUST: Pakistan / Islamabad
(NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

Remote Hub @ IIU: Pakistan/ Islamabad
International Islamic University,
Sector H-10 Islamabad

List of all Remote Hubs available at IGF website:

Internet Governance Forum of Pakistan: IGF PAK

Internet Governance of Pakistan is founded on 17th September 2010 by Urdu Internet Society (UISoc), after getting support from IGF.

On behalf of Urdu Internet Society (UISoc), obtained formal support from the Executive Coordinator for Internet Governance Forum (and Secretary-General of United Nations), Mr MARKUS KUMMER during the 5th IGF Meeting Sessions at Vilnius, Lithuania on 17th September 2010.

UISoc started organization of the working groups for IGF PAK by following the guide lines of the IGF’s Executive Coordinator, where multi-stakeholder involvement and openness is the initial requirement.