Proposal for Theme for APrIGF-2015@Macao

Internet Governance Forum of Pakistan (IGFPAK) proposed Main Theme and Sub-Theme for APrIGF 2015, which is as follows:

Main Themes:
1: Secure & Civilized Global Internet
2: Local & Regional Linguistic Internet

1. Formation of Local and Regional Internet
2. Formation of Linguistic Internet and IDN cc/gTLDsTopic of Discussions

1. Formation of Local and Regional Internet:
1.1 Local and Regional Independent Internet Services
1.2 Internet of Things, Security and Reliability
1.3 Local Internet for sustainable growth for Industrial, Health, Educational and Agricultural Projects (ICT development, commercial and non-commercial use)
1.4 Security matters for Local Internet Cloud and Net Computing
1.5 Global & Regional Cooperation Commitment

2. Formation of Linguistic Internet and IDN cc/gTLDs and What the other option do we have? (e.g. Frogans Technology):
2.1 New Horizon Beyond English Language Internet, and main commercial opportunities
2.2 Security for Linguistic Internet Services
2.3 Community Demand vs IDN ccTLDs & IDN gTLDs
2.4 Development & Support for Local and Regional Linguistic Internet Services.
2.5 Global & Regional Cooperation Commitment

Proposed Thematic Suggestion are published on “Submitted Thematic Suggestions


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