IGFPAK Invites to Host IGF 2016 Remote Hubs

IGF Pakistan is inviting for proposals to Host “IGF 2016 Remote Hubs” to motivate National Community participation remotely in the IGF 2016 at Guadalajara, Mexico.

Universities are invited to host “IGF 2016 Remote Hubs” at their Main Campuses or Sub Campuses anywhere in Pakistan. Please contact info(at)IGFPAK(dot)Org for further detail. IGF Pakistan will provide technical support and assistance to make the remote hubs successful.

Remote Hubs will enable local community, youth, Researchers and Student to attend the Eleventh IGF meeting in Guadalajara, Mexico, Remotely! Remote participants/hubs will be able to interact with the meeting by sending text questions and/or video/audio interventions using the remote participation platform.

Remote participation, and specifically the hubs structure, has been successful in previous IGFs. IGF Pakistan has arranged IGF Remotes Hubs at International Islamic University 2011 and 2012.

For more details on how to organize a Hub and/or register your hub check the Hub Instructions. Several training sessions for Remote Panelists and Remote Hubs will be held.

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