IGFPAK 2011 Conference

IGFPAK 2011 Meeting

IGFPAK 2011 Meeting

What is IGFPAK 2011:
During the IGFPAK 2011, a Experts Panels Discussion is being arranged to discuss the sustainable Development and Nationwide Technology Foresight Activities including bridging between Digital Divide and to facilitate the all the majors sectors (including Agriculture, Education, Environment, ICT, Industry and Health) with the latest ICT Resources, Development and Innovative Ideas. IGFPAK 2011 first annual conference will help to devise the characteristics of the sustainable development and technology foresight activities and integration of ICT4D, ICT4ALL and ICT 2015/2020 goals with the UN Millennium Development Goals (MGD).

New gTLDs Awareness Campaign:
New Innovations on the global Internet is forming a new virtual business. IGFPAK 2011 will start First Awareness Campaign in the Country about the new dimension which are being opened on the globe of Internet world in the form of new gTLDs. An important session about the awareness new gTLDs and opportunities for Trade Mark Holders and Developing Economies is also being included in the IGFPAK 2011 on 27th Sep 2011.

Please send your confirmation of participation (for registration purpose) on to following email address

Contact Information info (at) IGFPAK.org, info (a) UISoc.org

These meetings are being held at International Islamic University, Islamabad, under leadership of Prof. Dr Muhammed Sher, Head of Computer Science Department.

IGF 2011 Remote Hub: Pakistan/ Islamabad
Institution where the hub will be based: International Islamic University,
Sector H-10 Islamabad
Possible area(s) of interest within the 6 main IGF themes: Internet Governance for Development [IG4D],
Managing Critical Internet Resources, Security
Openness and Privacy,
Access and Diversity,
Taking Stock and the Way Forward.
Contact Information info (at) IGFPAK.org, info (a) UISoc.org
Planned pre-meeting activities: On behalf of IGFPAK (Internet Governance Forum of Pakistan), we will arrange to inform our IGFPAK Members, Technology Foresight Expert Panel for ICT4D, Researchers and Faculty Members of International Islamic University about the IGF Meeting and Remote Hub for IGF 2011.

New gTLDs Awareness Campaign in the country will also start from IGFPAK 2011 Conference and Experts Panel discussion meetings.

Hub Coordinator: Imran Ahmed Shah (IGFPAK), Dr Muhammad Sher (IIU)
Hub Technical coordinator (IT): Shahid Mahmood (Asst. Director)