Workshop at APrIGF 2013

IGFPAK Workshop Title: Governance for the Internet of Kids, Teenagers and Youngsters
Internet Governance of Pakistan (IGFPak) is organizing a workshop at 4th Conference of Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (4th APrIGF 2013 at Seoul, Korea). The main purpose of the workshop is the fundamental classification among the web contents by implementing proper “Contents Rating” and establishing a mechanism through standardization of code of ethics ‘ضابطہ اخلاق’ to deliver right contents to Global Internet Community.

Aligned with the APrIGF Proposed Theme: Secure, Convenient, Vibrant, Equivalent, and Desirable Internet
The purpose of AP regional IGF proposed theme of is to invite enhanced cooperation of, Users, Business Constituencies and Stakeholders to ensure the standardization of code of ethics ‘ضابطہ اخلاق’ and Internet Communities commitment of good governance towards: Secure, Convenient, Vibrant, Equivalent and Desirable Internet.

Through our proposed workshop, we invite extending focus of Internet Communities for the governance of the Internet sphere forOur Next GenerationTHE INNOCENT MINDS’.



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