Call for Workshop Proposals for APrIGF 2014

IGFPAK invite proposals and recommendations to conduct Workshop at APrIGF 2014, New Delhi, India.

APrIGF MSG has initiated call for the Workshops & Themes for APrIGF 2014. IGF Pakistan has received suggestion from active members to avail the opportunity to conduct its workshop or meeting at APrIGF 2014 which is being held in new Delhi, India from 3-6 August 2014.

Contents and the topic of the proposed meeting or workshop should be based on the themes of APrIGF 2014.

Some of the members has proposed to conduct the workshop on the same title “Governance for the Internet of Kids, Teenagers and Youngsters” consistent to the previous workshop held at APrIGF 2013 @ Seoul on 6th Sep, 2013. In order to implement the agenda of the Civilized Internet for our next generation, the innocent minds, is dependent to the establishment of global consortium. It is being suggested us to extend the call for the global cooperation in the region and deliver the same theme at APrIGF 2014. So, if you like this idea, please write us.

Please arrange to send your proposals to (info at IGFPak dot org) as early as 3rd April 2014 to finalize and submit to the APrIGF Secretariat and to meet their final deadline for submission is 9th April 2014 (Wed).

Send your workshop proposals of not more than 500 words with the below format to (info at

  • Title of the Workshop
  • Thematic area of interest
  • Specific Issues of Discussions & Description
  • Expected format and Target panel members
  • Full name, affiliation and contact details of the workshop organizer