IGFPAK is supporting the WSIS agenda described for UN’s Internet Governance Forum (IGF) because of its theme that also provide a platform for open discussion dialogue between multi-stakeholder according to its mandated as per paragraph 72 (f) of the Tunis Agenda:

UISoc initiated this Internet Governance Forum for Pakistan with approval (in last IGF Public Forum 2010) from Executive Coordinator of UN’s IGF, Mr MARKUS KUMMER. In addition to this UISoc/IGFPAK is working with International organizations to conduct awareness programs, workshops and conferences in Pakistan related to the agenda of WISIS for IGF especially for Information Security in the region. UISoc/IGFPAK has also actively working with UN GAID (Global Alliance for ICT & Development to achieve Millennium Development Goal along with the coordination of Pakistan Technology Board.

IGFPAK is inviting proposals for the preparation of Framework and Charter of the Forum.

In addition to above mentioned Tunis Agenda, the initial mandate also includes the followings:

1. To develop a local forum of Pakistan for multi-stakeholder policy dialogue.
2. To provide a common platform to discuss Public Policy issues related Internet & Information Security,
Stability, Sustainability, Trust, Robustness, Governance and Development.
3. To discuss and develop Policies of Internet System related to for Global and/or Local languages.
4. Outreach to provide awareness campaign regarding the Safety and Security elements and
the provisioning of safe online surfing for innocent minds.
5. To support activities and policies for bridging between digital divided under-served communities and/or
6. To develop local contents and material regarding Internet & Information Security, Stability, Governance,
Development & Support.
7. To reward the related professionals and their policies development work and/or achievements aligned
with the common agenda of IGFPAK.
8. To facilitate the exchange of information and best practices.
9. To review ICT & IT Security Policies of Pakistan and to give recommendation if necessary.
10. To encourage our Youth to address the IGFPAK agenda items at the academia competition debates and/or thesis or article writing e.g. “Future of Internet & Information Security in Pakistan”.